Long-Term Benefits of Going Solar in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

May 1, 2024

Are you a home or business owner considering looking for a way to green up your home and reduce your monthly bills? Solar energy can help! Homeowners across the United States, including in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, can use sunshine and the latest technology to power their homes. The Sun Up Zero Down team is on hand to help you leverage this opportunity for your home—and wallet. Let’s explore the long-term advantages of solar energy that homeowners and businesses can benefit from by installing solar panels.

Saving Money with Solar Energy

    Why do people turn to solar? The most common reason people start exploring solar is the potential to save money. Solar power offers a way to save money while utilizing clean and renewable energy. After installation, you enjoy reliable energy, separate from the utility grid, that can lower your bill or reduce it to zero! Savings continue annually, allowing you to save years after installation as utility rates rise.

    Tax Benefits and Incentives

    In addition to continual savings, going solar in New Jersey and Pennsylvania offers several tax incentives and rebates. The Residential Clean Energy Credit equals 30% of the new, qualified clean energy property costs for your home installed anytime from 2022 through 2032. With the incentives expected to decrease in the coming years, now is the time to act.

    Energy Independence

    If you aren’t sure what is happening in the energy market, we can sum it up in two words— it’s complicated. Factors such as overseas conflicts and aging infrastructures impact the rate end users pay. Installing solar panels allows you to take control of your home or business’s energy usage by reducing the need to use energy produced from the grid. You enjoy peace of mind that your energy source is uninterrupted and stable regardless of factors that impact the energy market.

    The Solar Partner You Can Trust

    Our Sun Up Zero Down team is your expert solar installation partner. We have helped residential and commercial clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania benefit from solar power for over a decade. If you are ready to lower or eliminate your energy bill and contribute to a more sustainable future, don’t wait. Call our team today to get started.