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Why go solar?

Going solar is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs and lessen their impact on the environment. Residential solar power offers a variety of benefits, making it a smart investment for homeowners.

If you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your energy costs and lessen your impact on the environment, it’s worth considering residential solar power as an option.

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Top Benefits of Solar Power

Live a greener, more eco-friendly life!

Gone are the days when becoming carbon-neutral meant making sacrifices and facing inconveniences. With solar power, being green is now just another benefit that comes with switching to a renewable energy source.

Gain energy independence, protect yourself from rate spikes.

Switching to solar power reduces carbon footprint and protects from rising state-regulated electricity costs. It’s a smart and cost-effective investment that safeguards your budget and prevents rate spikes.

Save money on your monthly energy costs (lower your price per kWh).

Solar panels can lower your kWh price by generating electricity from sunlight, reducing reliance on utility companies, and potentially lowering overall energy costs. Once your system is paid off, you generate free electricity!

Increase the value of your property.

Solar panels can increase the value of your property. Studies have shown that homes with solar power systems tend to sell for more than homes without them. This is because solar panels can provide a number of benefits to homeowners, including lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and increased energy independence.

Is Solar Right for Your Home?

Environmental Benefits

Today, nearly 75% of electricity is produced unsustainably from fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas. A solar system on your roof will greatly reduce the amount of pollution caused by people’s everyday activities.

In terms of offsetting your carbon footprint: An average 10kw solar system is equal to planting 6,000 trees, taking 50 cars off the road for a year, and recycling over 80 tons of waste. One of the best things about solar energy is that it produces almost no carbon emissions. This helps to rank it among the cleanest forms of energy on earth. 

Estimated Utility Rate Increases Chart

Financial Benefits

The chart here reflects the average cost per kilowatt hour in New Jersey from 2001 to 2023 and reveals that some residents in the state are currently paying as much as $0.22 per kWh for both delivery and supply.

Fortunately, Sun Up Zero Down offers a solution that can significantly reduce your cost per kWh by up to 65% through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease options. By opting for our services, you can lock in a new solar rate that shields you from the constant rise in utility rates.

With Sun Up Zero Down, you can enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs while contributing to a sustainable future. Say goodbye to high utility bills and embrace a brighter, more affordable energy solution.


The Estimated Utility Rate Increases chart is for estimation purposes only. It is based on actual recent utility rates and assumed rate increases from 2001 to the present. Actual historical utility rates may vary and are subject to change based on various factors. We recommend consulting with utility companies or contacting Sun Up Zero Down for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your situation.

How much can you save with solar?

The amount you can save with solar versus utility will depend on several factors, such as the size of your solar system, your electricity usage, and the electricity rates in your area. However, on average, homeowners can save up to 30-50% on their electricity bills with a residential solar system. The exact amount of savings will vary depending on the above factors, as well as the cost of the solar system and any incentives or tax credits available to homeowners.  Overall, the savings potential of residential solar power makes it a smart investment for homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs and increase their energy independence.

Customer Savings Example

Based on our current offer and with enough roof space to convert to 100% solar, one of our customers reduced their bill from $176 per month down to $114 per month. The savings are locked in, and will never be subject to a rate increase. This customer saved $739 in the first year and is projected to save $38,000 over the life of the PPA. There is no money due at signing and no money due at installation. Simply pay less than what you are currently paying for electricity and save thousands!